I had VSG Surgery; My Journey

Well… I’ve been keeping a secret…

I had VSG Surgery!

I can’t stand looking at myself anymore! After just a few minutes of playing with my kids I am exhausted. I have this constant need to push myself harder than I should need to, in order to do physical activities. I can’t be fat and unhealthy anymore, I just can’t!

How did I allow myself to reach this point?! It’s time to put it to an end!

Your probably wondering what the heck VSG Surgery is. First things first, It is a weight loss surgery. VSG stands for Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. This is a restrictive procedure where 70-85% of the stomach is removed.

There are soooooo many steps to take between getting approved for the surgery and emotionally. My specific journey included things like:

Research and Lists

As I’m sure is the case with many other people; my journey started with watching as many youtube videos and testimonials as possible.I watched everything from a recap of a person’s first week out of surgery to years out of a surgery, even down to multiple live surgeries. My research was followed up with a crazy amount of reading.

What are the benefits? What are the risks?

Of course, I had to create my list of reasons I would and would not want to do this surgery.

:My Benefits:

Weight Loss


Better Health

Feeling like myself again

:My Negatives:

Loose Skin

Worse health

It not working

Weight Regain

Among a ton of other things.

Reaching out for Information

In the midst of searching for information I decided it was time to speak to an actual surgeon. I needed to see if I was even eligible for the surgery or if there were other options. Of course I needed to get more information, statistics and facts from a professional who deals with this type of surgery all of the time.

In my research I came across Advanced Surgeons, It was the closest practice to me with the best reviews. From here, I went on the website to see what type of process they had. I was able to watch a free online seminar and from there received a call from the office. They reached out within the hour to answer any questions and book my initial appointment.

At my initial appointment I was able to meet one of the practice’s surgeons and a bunch of the staff. They were nice and answered any questions I had. After this, It was a whirlwind! I only had about 2 months time to get the procedure done and be out of the hospital for personal reasons. I needed to fulfill 3 months of appointments in 6 weeks time.

Every insurance company and practice has its own set of rule. The following was necessary for my specific Journey:

  1. 1 Nutrition class every month for 3 consecutive months,
  2. Lose 5% of body weight
  3. Pulmonary Clearance
  4. Cardiology Clearance
  5. Psychological Clearance
  6. Primary Doctor’s Clearance
  7. Blood Work
  8. Endoscopy
  9. Even 1 ounce of weight gain throughout this time is frowned upon.

All of this information was given to me, and I was off running. Again, I had 6 weeks to do all of this!

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

The secret to getting my 3 monthly nutrition appointments condensed into 2 months is that I started my process late in the month of November.

My initial appointment was November 27th. The very next morning was my 1st Nutrition appointment, November 28th. Then I had one nutrition appointment in Mid December and another in early January. It was in this time that I had to lose my 5% of body weight. I was put on a strict diet of 2 protein shakes a day and 1 meal for dinner with minimal carbs (½ cup max). Long story short, I lost the weight.

In the meantimes it was on to the Pulmonary, Cardiology, Psychology and Primary care visits. This made for a LONG couple of weeks. As annoying as these appointments were they were also so very important. These visits make sure that your heart, lungs and mind can all equally withstand the surgery.

Once all bases were covered it was time to submit to insurance for approval. Once approved from insurance, I was given a surgery date, January 28th 2019!

It was here, in this moment, That I completely lost my shit. I went down a rabbit hole of watching every video ever made of peoples complications from the surgeries and researching everything that could possibly go bad. My Negatives list only got longer and longer, But, my Positives list stayed just as strong.

For the next 3 weeks I went back and forth a million times. Am I making the right decision? Am I big enough? Do I really need this? I Lost 15 lbs, I can lose the other 105, no biggie!

Then it came,

Surgery Day!



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What is your story? Have you had Weight Loss Surgery? Are you looking into it? Just curious?

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