Hello my loves!

My name is Rebecca, and this is my why:

I created Prince_Nike to share my passion for all things beauty, fitness and travel. I have so many goals when it comes to my blog.

I want to share my view of this crazy beautiful world.

I want to help people find their motivation to get up in the morning and live their best life.

I want to influence other plus sized women and help them find themselves in their fitness journey so we can learn to love our bodies together.

I want to share my passion for travel because every time I get lost in another country I find another little piece of myself and I want to help others find themselves in travel while also learning about the world.

I’m undoubtedly right-brain dominant and love all things Beauty, DIY, Fashion, and Decor. I want to share my creativity.

I want to inspire!

I have a lot to say and I always have. I haven’t shut up since I learned to speak! (right Mom?) I’m always questioning why and how. I always want to know how things work, what people think and why they think it.

This blog is something that I’ve been wanting to do for so long now but I’ve been Afraid.

Afraid to put myself out there and be vulnerable.

Afraid that no one would want to read what I work so hard to write and put out into the world.

Afraid that I don’t have enough to offer.

Afraid that I am not interesting enough.

But I am!

I’m a mom of 2 amazing little ones, Sabrina Nike & Sebastian Prince… see what I did there?!! And I want to do this for them,for me and for you!

So, this my dears; this blog; this little piece of the world-wide web that is mine; THIS is where I will Help, Inspire, Teach and Create.

Please join me on this beautifully crazy ride through my crazy beautiful world.


Rebecca <3

Let me introduce you to myself and my beautiful family here!