VSG Surgery Day

Monday, January 28th 2019… Dun Dun Dunnnn

It’s surgery day. Most people are excited, me, no. I’m freaking out. Let’s start with a play by play.

The weekend before, I spend as much time as possible cleaning, cooking and preparing to be incapable for a while.

All doctors are different as far as their diet process.

For weeks before surgery I was on a mostly liquid diet. On this diet I consumed 2 protein shakes and one 1 low to no carb meal per day.

2 days before surgery I was on a full liquid diet, protein shakes, creamy soups, pudding, apple sauce, etc.

1 day before surgery I was on a clear liquid diet, water, broth, jello, ice pop. That is about it.

The 2 days before surgery had me weak honey! I am not a huge fan of purée like foods. I don’t like the texture and it drove me nuts. I was convinced that this surgery was a bad idea because how the hell will I survive the 2-4 weeks after surgery when I can’t even stomach this for 1 day?!

But I did it!

Fast forward to the night before surgery after doing all of my fun adult/mommy duties. I took a shower, slapped a mask on my face, and wiped down with the disinfecting wipes they gave me.

I was scheduled to be at the hospital for 8:30 am, giving me just enough time to get my babies to school before heading over.

When I tell you I was beside myself when leaving my kids at school I mean it. I felt scared, guilty and a million other emotions.

Ok now, hospital time it is!

Strait to admissions I went, thankfully there wasn’t a long wait because I don’t know if my nerves could handle it. Strait from admissions I was walked down to the OR Processing area. This is where they had me remove all jewelry, get into my gown and take a pregnancy test. Once I was done with my end of things everything moved rather quickly. Surgeon came in to go over any final details. Normally a 32cm bougie is used for sizing but we decided a 38cm bougie was the right choice for me. Next up was the anesthesiologist, she asked about past surgeries, reactions to anesthesia, and everything else you can imagine. The nurse gave me some anti nausea medicine amongst other things I can’t remember I was also given an IV at this time. Quickly came in more doctors to let me know it was my turn and the anesthesiologist with some anti anxiety medicine. Jason had to leave and I swear I tried to get up and leave with him. 5 minutes into the anti anxiety meds and I was suddenly CALM! I was wheeled to the operating room, bright lights and doctors surrounded me and they put a breathing mask over my face for a few minutes and I was OUT.


From what I understand surgery took roughly an hour  

Rebecca! Rebecca! Wake up! Take a deep breath Rebecca! Your out of surgery Rebecca! Wake up!

This is all I hear waking up from surgery.

It’s about 4 hours later and I’m waking up in the PACU/ Recovery unit. The nurses are checking my vitals, removing my oxygen and talking me through breathing and coughing.

I don’t feel much pain just some discomfort and I’m so thirsty! I almost immediately asked for visitors (knowing they aren’t usually allowed) and I was able to see my mom and Jason. One by one of course. I was in and out of sleep for quite a bit while being coached through breathing and struggling to keep my eyes open.

Finally, it was time to go up to my room! About an hour into being wheeled in I wanted nothing more than to get up and walk. All I could feel was the gas starting to settle in and I wanted it out! I finally got up took a few steps and was so dizzy I could have passed out. I was given some ice chips, rest, and nausea medication and tried once again. I was finally able to get half way down the hall and back.

The rest of the night was filled with naps, vital checkings and walks.

One day down one more to go, and I will be home!

See you soon at my week 1&2 update!

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